● Prevention and improvement of osteoporosis    ● Improvement of blood circulation   
● Improvement of muscle functions   ● Relief of low back pain
Low-magnitude and high-frequency Interactive Weightbearing Exercise Technology has been proven to produce beneficial effects on several musculoskeletal conditions. By using this technology, Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise Platform provides whole-body vibration stimulation for the improvement of osteoporosis and easing its related musculoskeletal problems.


The following persons are recommended to use Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise Platform
  • Osteoporosis

  • Sarcopenia

  • Poor balance

  • Lack of exercises

  • Muscular problems and coordination problems

  • Back pain

  • Early stage of degeneration of knee and hip joints (Under doctor's instructions)

  • Lower limbs fracture (Under doctor's instructions)

Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise Platform facilitates multi-factorial improvements on:
  • Muscle (Balancing ability, Lower limb extension  strength, Low back pain)

  • Bone (Bone mineral density: spine, lower limb)

  • Circulation (Blood flow of whole body)

  • Fracture healing (Callus formation and remodeling)

Suitable for Most People

Low-magnitude and high-frequency vibration can be applied on most people, even the very elderly.


Stand upright on the Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise Platform and place the smart card on the designated position on the control panel, the machine will start immediately after a few seconds. It takes 20 minutes per exercise session.

High Performance & Energy Efficiency

Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise Platform employs innovative and unique vibration technology that is highly energy efficient, less prone to wear-out, and quiet in operation.

Simple & Easy to Operate

Ideal vibration frequency and magnitude are preset for normal users and for easy administration of operators. Users or operators can just place the user smart cards on the control panel to start operation. The panel will also display a user’s cumulative usage in the past 90 days.

Portable & Space Saving

Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise Platform is small in size and light in weight, together with the rear wheels, it allows easy delivery and handling.

Contraindications (click here to learn more)

The following people are not recommended to use Interactive Weight Bearing Exercise Platform:
  • Pregnancy

  • People with pacemakers or electronic medical devices

  • People who are suffering from malignant tumours or cancer

  • People with acute infection of skeletal system

Technical Parameters

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